Updating and Maintaining Your WordPress Site

Maintaining your WordPress site involves understanding how to make edits to your designed website. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to manage your content using WordPress and Beaver Builder. I provide this tutorial to give you additional written printable instructions on how to manage your website now that it’s already been designed to be mobile ready.

1. Navigating Your WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is your control center for making edits to your website. You’ve already been introduced to the dashboard, I have sent you a username and password to gain access. If you have issues with logging in, please reach out to the support center here.

Steps to Navigate:

  • Log In: Access your WordPress admin dashboard by entering your login credentials.
  • Explore the Dashboard: Familiarize yourself with the dashboard interface. Key sections include Posts, Pages, Media, and Settings. But most importantly editing the website is as simple as going to the top left hand corner and clicking on view website. Once you get to your page, you simply click beaver builder at the very top to begin editing content on the page.

2. Editing Text Content with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder allows you to easily edit text on your pages.

Steps to Edit Text:

  • Open Beaver Builder: Navigate to the page you want to edit and click “Edit with Beaver Builder.”
  • Select Text Module: Click on the text module you want to edit. A text editor will appear.
  • Make Changes: Edit the text as needed. You can format it using the available tools.
  • Save Changes: After editing, click “Done” and then “Publish” to save your updates.

3. Changing and Updating Images

Updating images on your website is simple with Beaver Builder.

Steps to Change Images:

  • Open Image Module: Click on the image module you want to update.
  • Upload New Image: Select “Change Image” to upload a new image from your computer or choose one from the media library.
  • Adjust Settings: You can adjust image settings like size and alignment.
  • Save Changes: Click “Done” and then “Publish” to save your updates.

4. Managing and Updating Navigation Menus

Keeping your navigation menus updated ensures a smooth user experience.

Steps to Update Menus:

  • Access Menus: From the dashboard, go to “Appearance” and then “Menus.”
  • Edit Menu Items: Add, remove, or rearrange menu items as needed. You can also change the navigation labels.
  • Save Menu: Click “Save Menu” to apply your changes.
  • Adding a page to the menu: If you’re adding a new page to your menu, be sure to add the page first and then return to these instructions to add that page to your menu structure.

5. Adding and Editing Links and Buttons

Enhance your website’s functionality by adding and editing links and buttons.

Steps to Add/Edit Links and Buttons:

  • Open Beaver Builder: Navigate to the page and open Beaver Builder.
  • Select Module: Click on the button or link module you want to edit.
  • Edit Link: Update the URL and any other settings.
  • Save Changes: Click “Done” and then “Publish” to save your updates.