Website Design

WordPress, Shopify & Wix

We develop websites websites using the most popular platforms including: WordPress, Shopify eCommerce, Wix Website Builder and Squarespace. All website development is Google Search Engine friendly, getting your business found online.


Once you are signed up, I will call you to discuss your project. I understand that listening first ensures I get your vision just right! Once I know your direction, I will begin planning your project.


Once you choose one of my monthly web design plans, I will begin development and design of your new website. Using my optimization chops, I will also setup your SEO for Google and Google Business.


Your satisfaction is everything to me, I will design a website to your exact specifications to ensure that you are fully satisfied. You will hit the ground running with an optimized, secure and well-designed website that keeps customers returning.

Website Design and SEO Services

Website Design

I develop any type of website, landing page, blog, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and HTML. All websites are Google optimized and mobile-friendly.

Google SEO

I offer Pro Search Engine Optimization. You will rank higher on Google and other search engines. Dominate your local market on Google maps.

Branding & Graphics

I design awesome logos, visual identity and brand assets. Let me help you tell your story through a professionally crafted brand that brings in more customers.

Your website is designed and mobile ready on all devices

So what exactly is a mobile website? Is it something that you absolutely need? The short answer is…. you bet it is.

50% of users are using mobile devices today. Google released a report for the first quarter of 2018 that shows mobile traffic is up over 150%. That means that more people are surfing online for mobile content and websites than ever before. They are using phones, iPads and Android Devices and are searching for businesses just like yours.

Here’s a major secret: if your website is not mobile and not responsive (responds to the device being held), Google will list a competitor’s website in first position in the results before your website. What’s more, customers spend more using mobile devices than desktops and get a lower bounce rate (people leaving your website) than you would with a desktop website.

All of our websites, when they are launched, are mobile.


WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify or HTML

We design, Google optimize and develop with them all

Website design, development and optimization happens on many different design platforms. Although these particular website applications are the most popular, they all follow the same concept of best design practices of optimal customer engagement, we want to keep customers flowing into

your business.

Google optimization is required for all websites build on these website builders, it’s not automatic. This is where we come in! We focus on giving you a professionally designed website using any of these website builders (although we have our preferences). We also believe that you optimize the website for Google during the building process and not after. We take this approach because this ensures that Google is taken into account for every title, paragraph, page name and image placed on your pages.

Total optimization.

And once complete, we give you video tutorials on how to manage them on going on your own. You will have a website that is designed beautifully and is found online. Most importantly, you will be able to manage the website on your own. We will provide you training videos on how to manage your website on your own.

I optimize your site for Google DURING the building of the website

We build websites that get found online. It is best that you integrate search engine optimization during the building of the website, not just after the website is done. We make sure that as we design and create the website, your search engine optimization is built-in.

The moment we turn your website on, you are ready for Google to crawl. We give your website a direct connection to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. This gives you data on how your website is found, what pages your customers are landing on, and tracks conversions all the way through your website.


I get more bang for the buck for every ad on Google AdWords

Google AdWords and Pay Per Click AdWords is pay per click advertising. Do a search on Google and you’ll notice that there are three spots reserved at the very top of the search engine results that show paid ads.

You may also notice that these ads run down the right side of the Google page results. Advertisers bid for positioning on a particular search term. This allows their businesses to be displayed based on highly targeted results such as demographics, location targeting, device targeting, language targeting, etc. Advertisers can create effective ads reaching customers with maximum relevance for their search terms. It’s important to know that this type of advertising allows you to set budgets anywhere from $5 a day to $1000 depending on your budget. We make sure that your ads are highly relevant and target your customers directly.

We ensure that your bids for ads result in conversions through landing pages and Google Analytics. We will help you get the most of your Google AdWords campaign. Call us for a free consultation.

I design shopping carts that funnel customers to buy.

We build shopping carts using Woocommerce. It’s simple for you as the shop owner to manage and update all of your products. Millions of websites online are now using WooCommerce to sell products and services directly from their website. WooCommerce comes with many free plugins to enhance your shopping cart for advanced features. Update products in bulk, set related products, optimize products for Google and accept payments from over 30 different providers like Paypal, Stripe and more.


I will manage your website with patches, security and updates.

Do you not have time to manage your website? Do you need professional WordPress updates and plug-in management? Web Design Mike offers monthly and no contract WordPress management ongoing, including all updates to the website such as content, images, search engine optimization, plug-in management, security updates to WordPress and cloud hosting services. This gives you the freedom to create wonderful things while we handle the website, hosting and all security updates. Even if we have not built your website, we can manage your WordPress site ongoing. Call us for a free consultation.